Personality Free Personality Test Essay

Please take the personality test in this link and answer the following questions. The test is based on the Meyer’s Briggs Type Inventory- a test that is given 4 million times a year in the business world to classify people into “types.”  (Note: this is a free web-based personality test, if requested, do not sign up for any service or download any app- this is just for this exercise and for informational purposes.)

Free Personality Test [Website]

Please describe the finding of the personality measure.  How accurate was it?  Describe some aspects that are accurate, and perhaps some that are not (if relevant).  What would it mean if we said this test was reliable?  What does it mean to say that it is valid?  Discuss some of the problems that you might see with this test. How might the interpretation, and application/use, of test results raise any ethical concerns? In your opinion, do you think the results of this test should be used to make practical decisions about someone’s career?  In addition, are cultural considerations important when conducting personality assessments?  

Explain your responses in detail.  Use outside resources to support your opinions. Use APA 7th edition, in-in-text citations, and scholary resources. Pose a question for your peers and professor at the end of your post. Be sure to respond to 2 classmates. 

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