California State University San Marcos Public Sociology: An Important Issue in Education

Your final project will ideally take one of your discussion board postings (and any replies) to write an essay about an important issue in education. You will present compelling opening sentences to catch the readers’ attention, describe the issue, explain what impacts or causes the issue, argue for recommendations, and close the essay with a passionate call for action. Papers will use research and other sources. I will encourage everyone to send their essay as an op-ed to relevant media outlets. It will be 3 pages, double-spaced. Detailed guidelines will be provided later in the session. (50 points total)

Public Sociology is work that uses the sociological perspective, research, and analysis to share with broader and/or diverse audiences. It’s meant to bridge the gap between academics and various other social worlds.

In this case, we are going to share your knowledge of an important issue in education through Public Sociology and in the form of an “Op Ed.” While you are not required to send your paper for consideration to a local newspaper, you are definitely encouraged to do so after this class ends and once you have the feedback on your final submission for Soc 413.

At every stage of this short assignment, you are using course material and outside resources to present a strong and convincing narrative. Each of your Discussion activities in this class (and perhaps some of your Engaged Readings) have been precursors to this final project. You can use your own writing and input from your colleagues (discussion responses) to help you write portions of this assignment. 

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