University of Chicago Knowledge Management System Paper

The research paper examines digital transformation concepts as it relates to implementing a Knowledge Management System in an organization. Writing the white paper that looks at the technology of KMS, organizational culture, socio-technical systems, change management, and project management to successfully deploy a KMS into an organization.

What is a White paper? Please read about the concept here:…

Prior to addressing the following question, it is essential that you watch the provided video, review the accompanying PowerPoint (PPT), and read through the PDF materials. This will enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Knowledge Management System (KMS) in question. Utilize the provided materials to formulate your responses to the three questions, following the guidelines of the 7th edition of the APA format.

1)Using either Kotter’s or Hayes’ or ADKAR’s change management model, demonstrate how organizational change might need to happen for KMS to be successfully implemented. Appropriate and supporting Figures and/or Table required in this section.

2)If the organization had to choose a department to start the KMS deployment, which department would be the best choice? Given that the team does not know anything about the state of the departments, what kind of characteristics of process, people, and customers within a

department indicates an urgency to launch KMS in that department? Appropriate and supporting Figures and/or Tables are required in this section.

3)Developing a training plan is needed to help employees engage with the KMS appropriately and support the Figure and/or Table required in this section.

Only need to answer 3 questions with great research and figures according to the below materials to prove your idea.

Must Read or Support Material of KMS:

Kotter’s 8 Step Change Management:…

Hayes’ Model of Change Management:,how%20organizational%20change%20affects%20individuals.

Hayes – The Theory and Practice of Change Management:


What is Knowledge Management:

Knowledge Management System – An Overview:

Knowledge Management – Key Challenges for Implementation:

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