2 discussions 225 words each

1. Find a hotel company that allows customers to make reservations directly through their web site.

Who do you think will make reservations through this site and why?

How does the direct booking experience compare to an Online Travel Agency (OTA) site such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, hotel.com or booking.com. Explain your answer.

2. If restaurants do not have their own delivery, they can use delivery/reservation companies as distribution channels.

Please visit opentable.com, grubhub.com, ubereats.com or eat24hours.com for such channels available.

Have you ever used these channels? If yes, how was your experience?

Do you know some other popular food delivery companies?

i need help with my assignment 165

In one page Write a character analysis of one of the main characters in your book: what do they look like, What kind of personality they have, what are their strengths and Weaknesses, What kind of problems they have, how they change in the story , what you like and dislike about the character, how they are similar to you and how they are different from you,

The book is passage to in

customer product report about fitbit charge 3 1


Write an essay about this product :https://www.fitbit.com/charge3

Purpose of the Assignments:to evaluate a printed or electronic advertisement in an effort to encourage the student to become a more critical consumer. The advertisement will be evaluated by comparing the claims made in the ad to scientific evidence and research findings.

Pages 3 to 5 (or 6): Consumer Product Analysis

This section contains your analysis of boththe ad itself and the product advertised; it should be 3-4 pages. You should comment on the positive aspects (praise) and the negative aspects (criticism) of the ad. Your analysis should be in paragraph form, and critical comments should be well developed. When discussing scientific articles to analyze the product, please do not use direct quotes or copied material from the scientific articles. Instead, paraphrase the information in your own words and cite appropriately in APA format. In the text of your paper, the author & year of the scientific sourceshould be indicated. When more than two authors are cited, “et al.,” may be used as per APA format (however, remember to include all names on Reference Page.). See example below:

According to Maughan et al. (2013), creatine supplementation has been shown to significantly increase total body mass in subjects over a 4-week period.

When discussing the advertisement or product description, you may make limiteduse of short quotations (<40 words) from the ad or product description, but they should be in APA format and cited properly with page numbers, and author/year.

When critically evaluating the product, consider the following questions, if appropriate, but do notlimit your critique to only these questions:

Is the use of this product supported by scientific evidence? If so, are there any conflicting results among various studies? Do the subjects’ age, health condition, fitness level, etc. match those for whom the ad is directed? Were there limitations and/or flaws in these studies? Describe the studies, as appropriate, to defend your statements and give evidence for or against the claims made in the ad.

What, if any, contribution would the consumption or use of the product make to the nutrient intake, physique, or fitness level of the intended consumer?

Could some less expensive product be used to obtain the same results?

What hazards/adverse effects might be associated with the use of this product? Are there any conditions (e.g., medical, age-related) that would contraindicate the use of the product?

When critically evaluating the advertisement, comment on the text, and use of color and graphics. You need to consider the following questions:

  • Who appears to be the intended consumer?
  • What techniques are used to draw the attention of the reader? Are they successful or not? Again, consider wording, terminology, graphics and more.
  • Is the ad straightforward and factual? Explain.
  • Is any important information omitted that should be disclosed to the consumer?
  • What gimmicks are used to sell the product? Were the gimmicks successful?

Page 6 or 7: References

Title- this is a separate page and should be headed “References” at the top center of the page.

List the source of the advertisement, and alphabeticallylist the references used to support your evaluation. Do not alphabetize “within” each reference by changing the original order of authors. However, alphabetize your order among the various references, using the last name of the 1stauthor of each reference.

You may use the course textbooks. However, in addition, you must use at least 3 other reliable (peer reviewed) references to support your analysis. References need to be current (published within the last 10 years) and must be cited in the evaluation.Give the full publication information of each reference used, including all author(s), title of article and journal or title of book, year of publication, volume or edition, and page number(s).

Indentation – Although the current Publication Manualadvises standard (five spaces, first line) indentation for the reference list, this is primarily designed to make typesetting easier; the typeset version will have hanging indents (first line flush left, following lines five spaces indent). We recommend for this paper that you use hanging indents for enhanced readability. We have formatted our sample references list with hanging indents.

Capitalization – Capitalize only the first word of book titles and articles and the first word after a colon. However, for name of journals, capitalize first letter of all major words.

Punctuation – Use a comma to separate:

  • Surnames from initials
  • A journal title from volume number
  • A volume number from page numbers
  • When given, an issue number from page numbers
  • (Ed.) from book title
  • City of publication from state

Spacing – All entries (the entire page) should be double-spaced.

References should be completed in American Psychological Association (APA) format. See examples below.

Journal article:

Volek, J. S., Duncan, N. D., Mazetti, S. A., Putukian, M., Gomez, A. L., & Kraemer, W. J. (2000). No effect of heavy resistance training and creatine supplementation on blood lipids. International Journal of Sports Nutrition, 10, 144-156. doi:134-5678-321

Book (other than first edition):

Whitney, E., & Rolfes, S. (2005). Understanding nutrition(10thed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth.

Article or chapter in edited book:

Eiser, S., Redpath, A., & Rogers, N. (1987). Outcomes of early parenting: Knowns and unknowns. In A. P. Kern & L. S. Maze (Eds.), Logical thinking in children(pp. 58-87). New York: Springer.

Electronic Reference (see note of caution below):

Mack, G. W., & Bergeron, M. F. (May 30, 1997). Hydration and physical activity: Scientific concepts and practical applications. Retrieved from: http://www.gssiweb.com/hydr.html

Quality of References: Acceptable references include any reliable, professional, nutrition, physical education, sports medicine, or scientific journal or book. Unacceptable references include popular magazines (e.g., Runner’s World, American Health, Prevention, Muscle and Fitness) or popular books (The Zone Diet, 50 Ways to Stay Fit on a Busy Schedule, Total-Life Exercise Book). IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF THE RELIABILITY OF A REFERENCE, CHECK WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR! Refer to the syllabus for a partial list of acceptable periodicals and on-line resources.

You may contact our reference librarian to make an appointment at the library for help in using the databases and searching for appropriate references. See green sheet for contact information.

Use of WWW pages: The World Wide Web (The Internet) is an unmonitored, un-refereed source of information. Consequently, information may be accurate or inaccurate, and each page must be judged for accuracy and reliability. Authoritative web pages are written by individuals with appropriate credentials (e.g., Ph.D., R.D., M.D., etc.) and should cite references used to write the page. Pages that are sponsored or maintained by the seller of a product are most often biased toward the product and should be read with this in mind. We highly recommend that you only use journal articles (or articles coming from professional sources). Again, if you are unsure of the reliability of the source, check with your instructor.

General Paper Form and Style Guidelines

Your paper must:

Be written in narrative, paragraph format, typed and double spaced

Be written in the 3rdperson (do not use first or second person, such as “we”, “I” or “you”)

Be written in the past tense when describing the research study

Not use direct quotations or copied material from the scientific sources

Be in a font size that is New York Times 12 point or similar size (easy to read)

Be left justified (but do not right justify/align, which centers the text); have 1 inch margins all around

Have numbered pages

Submitted in the manner requested by your instructor, including the grading rubric and plagiarism contract.

essay on professional codes of ethics that might be applied to homegrown terrorism

Carefully consider the elements of ethical communication related to your research topic: Homegrown Terrorism. Search for professional codes of ethics that might be applied to various aspects of your research topic: Homegrown Terrorism. Incorporate relevant information from the sources you find into the essay. Consider that the audience for your essay is unfamiliar with your paper topic or any of the codes of ethics that you are applying. You should write for clarity and understanding of these elements to benefit the reader.

Writing Requirements

  • Write a three to four paragraph essay of at least 500 word APA FORMAT
  • Be certain to provide in-text citations.
  • Create a reference list for all sources you used.

Content Requirements

  • Briefly summarize your paper topic and specific aspects of ethical communication.
  • Identify codes of ethics that you examined that Homegrown Terrorism.

Explain how the codes of ethics may help identify ethical issues related to your topic or provide guidance in making decisions about ethical communication related to your topic

two questions about environmental science

1) what is a technology-based standard? in environmental law

Name three technology-based standards and discuss their similarities and differences.

2) What is a SIP?
Find a SIP of interest to you and briefly describe the area, plan, and whether it is an attainment / non-attainment area.

For this assignment, drawing on both text and non-text materials, please submit in APA format (cover sheet, in-text citations, references).

UPDATE: There has been evident confusion from several submissions received thus far. When discussing question 2, please consider this example and the resources found therein:
https://www.epa.gov/sips-fl (Links to an external site.)

After considering that set of resources, use a SIP from a state other than Florida.

connecting key pieces feedback values and goals 2


Values and goals are important, not only to the organization but to individuals as well. Values and goals provide the framework for roles and responsibilities for those working in organizations. To strive to align with the values and meet the goals, individuals are tasked with different roles and functions.

Moreover, clarity of expectations is key to effective leadership. It serves as the foundation to assess, evaluate, and provide feedback based on expectations. Feedback is important in order for those involved in any effort to know if they are on the right track. It is also important for purposes of adjustments that might be needed in order to meet or exceed expectations.


  1. Evaluate the meeting of lead based on the definition of go, travel, guide, using a criminal justice organization as a point of focus.
  2. Describe the role of leadership based on values as the stage for action.
  3. Explore the role of leadership in operationalizing goals to release the energy.
  4. Determine how the actions of leaders, specific to values and goals, affect what individuals do within an organization.

Special Instructions:

Create a 1 page essay in APA format according to the instructions above. Use 2 scholarly sources for references. Utilize in-text citations.

nursing theory paper 3

  • Read the Nursing Theory notes.
  • Read Chapter 5 in Fain’s, J., Reading, understanding, and applying nursing research. Chapter 5 is titled Applying Appropriate Theories and Conceptual Models.
  • Look on the web to find information on the theorists, Florence Nightingale (#69) and Virginia Henderson (#85).One available web source is http://currentnursing.com/nursing_theory/
  • Refer to the How to Write a Formal Paper notes and APA book.

Please see attachments

discussion question and peer reviews 69



Organizational Decisions

Provide examples of organizations making the following levels of decisions: strategic decisions, tactical decisions, and operational decisions. What was the result of these decisions? Detail the impact of the following decision-making models: rational decision-making model, bounded rationality decision-making model, the intuitive decision-making model, and the creative decision-making mode. How does each decision-making model help improve a company’s effectiveness?



Since I always relate my post to my real-life work, I should let everyone know I now work in direct to consumer marketing instead of restaurant management! In my organization, there is a strategy for everything. Everything that my peers and I do within the organization requires decision making, but most of the time we use the creative decision-making model. I have to make a decision based on the situation I find myself in and whom I am trying to persuade. For example, for marketing, Vivint Smart Home, not everyone cares for security, so I can talk about its smart home features as well.


Good morning Professor Valery

When you are in management and you are making Tactical,and Operational decision. Your should have a strategic that would have a day-to day work flow for your entire staff. Once and organization has crate these goals for their teams. And given the employees the direction on things to be focus on . The rules and guide line of how important it is to our stockholder that we meet our budgets.

case study 1930


The objectives of this assignment are (1) to research legal cases online, and (2) to

enhance the written and communication skills of the student.


Include at least, the following: (1) case citation; (2) a statement of the legal issue(s)


attach a copy of the case to your case brief.(Also, see the Appendix at the end of Chapter 1)


.You will be graded on the organization and quality of the case brief, as well as your

ability to follow directions.For example, turning in a case brief with improper grammar and/or

spelling will not help the overall quality component of your grade on this assignment.Further,



here is the case study informations and example how to write that case..