CER 1-Problem-Solving/Public Sociology

I’m working on a sociology multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Class Engagement Reflection (CER) 1

In your reading for this week, Monica Prasad (2018) defines problem-solving sociology and makes an argument for the common traps that we fall into trying to address social problems. Jaime Parker (2019) argues for the importance of service in her TED Talk. 

In 250-400 words, please tell me a social problem you are interested in addressing and using Prasad and Parker’s arguments, tell me:

1. What would it mean to you to use a problem-solving approach to this issue? 

2. Describing each “trap”, how could you fall into each trap trying to address your selected issue?

3. Now that you have considered this problem-solving approach, what would be your next step to address this issue? Don’t worry about the practicality right now, think big!

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