SOCW 6002 ACU discussion

A) Examine the Florida recount controversy during the 2000 Presidential election. Who was right, who was wrong during the recounts. What were the Constitutional issues and was the Supreme Court justified in ending the recounts? (250 words)

B) The 2016 Election was one of the few where the ‘winner’ of the popular vote did not win the Electoral College vote; resulting in (once again) calls for reform. explain. (250 words)

C) 300 words

1.  Do you believe some of the worst case scenarios (population and development) can be improved upon?  Which ones and why?

2.  Do you look to the future of the United States optimistically or pessimistically when it comes to changes in technology, population, economics? What shapes your view of the future?

D) Many people believe that the American ideals and values of equality and democracy give the United States a kind of moral superiority.  Although argued that this  “American attitude” is part of our civil religious heritage, others believe that our vanity and superior attitude will be the downfall of our American society.

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