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Journal Reflections

Journals reflections do not have to be in any specific format. The purpose of these journals is to connect what we discuss what you learn in the classroom to our daily life experiences, use what we know or experienced to analyze our deepest thoughts and feelings and express them with words.

With this in mind, the most important components of these journal reflections should be “what you think” and “how you feel”. There is no right or wrong but only true or not in journal writing.

  • Spelling, grammar, and typing format are important to all assignments. Poor grammar and spelling will result in point reductions. Written content should reflect good writing skills with critical and analytic abilities on issues.

Think about Erik Erikson’s Eight Stages and apply them to your own life. Describe your personal life in each stage.

What was it like?

What person(s) or environment affected you in your life?

How did each stage affect other stages in your life?

Refer to page 41 in your textbook.

I have attached page 41

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