CLP 474 Colorado Christian University Spiritual Leadership Discussion

When leaders are unable to weather crises in their ministry, the implications are broad and often lead to great damage both to the organizations and to the people these leaders were leading. Moses, David, Paul, and Jesus each experienced crises in their leadership. In A Work of Heart (2011), McNeal writes,

We learn from these four that leaders cannot escape conflict. No amount of leadership skill can enable one to avoid it entirely. The presence of conflict doesn’t necessarily signal the displeasure of God with the leader…How is it that conflict strengthens some and collapses others? (p. 156)

In Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (2006), Scazzero writes,

Limits are behind all loss. We cannot do anything we want. God has placed enormous limits around even the most gifted of us. Why? To keep us grounded, to keep us humble. In fact, the very meaning of the word humility has its roots in the Latin humus, meaning “of the earth.” Our culture routinely interprets losses as alien invasions that interrupt our normal lives. We numb our pain through denial, blaming, rationalizations, addictions, and avoidance. (p. 135)

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