CU Entrepreneurs Roadblocks Case Study

Where to begin or maybe I should just ask why to begin. Because honestly, what difference is it going to make if I tell you my story? OK. You know I quit my job, right? Decided to chase the dream. Follow my bliss. The plan was to develop my app so I don’t have to keep working in a toxic environment.

Well, as soon as I quit, everything started to go wrong. First, my car got broken into, and someone stole my laptop. Fortunately, I had backed up all my work on the cloud, but still. It wasn’t cheap to replace.

Then the office space I rented got shut down because of black mold in the walls. And I had just gotten everything moved in, and the landlord is giving me a hard time about the refund. So I don’t have the cash on hand to rent a new place.

The programmer I hired to write the basic foundational code turned it into a bunch of nonsense. It’s just full of bugs now, and he’s disappeared. So I can’t even get him to fix the mess he created. It’s so bad, I have to scrap it and start from scratch, which will take months.

Then I was almost an hour late to my first meeting with potential investors because I got stuck on the freeway behind a crash. And they were like we understand, but none of them invested. So I guess if it wasn’t me being late, I just suck.

I don’t know what to do. I’m making what I think are the right moves, but time after time things go wrong for me. And I’m starting to think that it’s a sign from the universe of something that I was supposed to stay in my lane and not go out on my own. And this sort of stuff has happened to me all my life. And there’s nothing I can do about it. So why do I think I could do something like start my own business?

How do you think the client felt as they said what they just said?

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