discussion base on reading chapter 1

“Love and Race in the Public Eye” –Heidi Ardizzone and Earl Lewis

1. Access the following link in your internet browser for the supplemental reading:

http://news.nd.edu/news/3782-love-and-race-caught-in-the-public-eye/Links to an external site.

Answer the following questions after reading the article. Number each of your responses.

a) What were some interesting facts about about how race was used in the case of the marriage between Alice Jones and Leonard (Kip) Rhinelander? (2-3 sentences)

b) What was the “rule” that most U.S. states used to determine who was “non-white”? How was this standard actually applied and used by the court in this particular case? Be specific. (2-3 sentences)

c) What was unique about how data was collected and used to research this case? What were the primary sources of information? (2-3 sentences)

d) How can this article can be used to help understand the importance of “intersectionality” as discussed in Chapter 1? (2-3 sentences)

e) How would you describe your own identity under an intersectional lens? Respond to at least one other classmates’ critical analysis  (by replying to their thread). In sum, you should have a total of two posts (your own response and a response to a classmate. (You must post your response before having access to classmates’ responses). 

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