Discussion Question #5 SOS 2308

Watch: Sex, Chronic Illness and Cancer (Navigate to chapter 14 in MindTap. Go to “From Dr. Carroll’s Notebook” unit). Interview with European oncosexologist—Dr. Woet Gianotten.

Dr. Carroll’s Notebook for Chapter 14 is on page 373 of the provided textbook



Prompt: Do you believe that a person diagnosed with cancer or another life-limiting or chronic illness would still be interested in having sex? Why or why not? What benefits do you think an active sex life might provide in the last stages of life or with chronic illness? Do doctors in the United States encourage a healthy sex life in their seriously ill patients? Why or why not? Do you think they should? Explain. Dr. Gianotten believes that many doctors are hesitant to talk to their patients about sex and that many sex therapists are afraid to talk to their patients about life-limiting illness. Why might this be the case?

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