A 79-year-old patient has been admitted to the medical/surgical unit with a diagnosis of dysphagia and malnutrition. The patient is A&O x4, though has some difficulty speaking. The provider has recommended the patient to go on PPN, have a central line placed, and then have TPN started. Previously the patient refused a PEG tube placement. The patient did not say anything while the physician was proposing the PPN/TPN option. However, once the physician had left, she became upset and was saying, “No, no, no, no! I would rather die.” when asked if she would sign the consent for the central line placement. The patient’s son talks to the nurse privately and states, “I’m her power of attorney for things like this, I demand she have this done as soon as possible.”

Discuss how you would handle this situation. Consider how you might utilize the interdisciplinary team to aid in helping this patient and family. Support/explain your answers.


In addition, briefly (1-2 sentences) share one important aspect concerning the power of attorney the nurse needs to be aware of.

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