GCCCD The Occupy Wall Street Movement Question

Question 1 The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a current Social Movement in the U.S. Take a few minutes to review the following links to familiarize yourself somewhat with the movement: Occupy Wall Street About PageLinks to an external site.

Map: Occupy Wall Street, a global movement Links to an external site.

Occupy Wall Street In American History: An Interview With NYU Professor Robert Cohen

  • First discuss what type of movement this movement is and briefly define the movement type that you choose. The options are:
    • Reform movement
    • Revolutionary movement
    • Religious movement
    • Alternative movement
    • Resistance movement
  • Now, think about the theories explaining social movements. Discuss which theory best applies to this movement and why. Be sure to give a brief description/definition of the theory. The social movement theory choices are:
    • Relative Deprivation Theory
    • Resource Mobilization, and
    • Frame Analysis
  • Then discuss how society has changed from before the movement to now, if at all.
  • Remember to give a brief description of the theory and movement type that you chose first.
  • Question 2 Think about the concepts/topics that we have discussed in class. Choose the one that spoke to you the most and do the following:
    • Define and explain the concept
    • Discuss why it is important and how it impacts society
    • Discuss why it spoke to you the most
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