GCU Adlerian Principles and Organizational Ethics Essay

Historically, Adlerian practitioners have been actively and positively socially active. That started with Alfred Adler and his active position on most of the social issues of his time. That was then continued by the second generation Adlerians, most notably Rudolf Dreikurs. This is a legacy that Adlerians preserve, carry, and further develop in the 21st century and all spheres of life. For this assignment, please write a paper addressing the following:

Choose and discuss one of the main principles of Adlerian theory and how it relates to the socially responsible community practice at a workplace (you can choose to write about a specific industry), and specifically leadership and advocacy.

Propose two main Adlerian organizational principles that a healthy organization would adhere to. Linked these principles to organizational ethics.

Create three benchmarks that can be used to assess whether an organization follows the principles you have proposed.

In your conclusion, share any Adler quote (must be no longer than 200 characters) that you would propose to be placed on the organizational website and that would convey Adlerian principles on which the organization operates, on by which it is guided in working with its staff, customers, and a larger community.

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