Gender Socialization Essay

Research process: 

  • Visit a store that has children’s items (clothes, books, toys), via their website or in person when it is safe to do so
    • Search on or go to one specific item type (clothes or books or toys) and take note of what they look like. How are they arranged? Are they ‘color-coded” and/or separated by gender groups? Are there any non-gendered items?
    • Take some screenshots or photos of the patterns you see. If in person: Do not have any people in your photos. Try to do so subtly and if someone asks you to stop, do so.
  • Refer to our class materials that relate to the patterns you are seeing. Reflect on how the material may help us understand why you are seeing these patterns. Choose at least one of the readings or resources that connect with what you see. This can be a concept, a reading, a video, a theory…
  1. Write up your assessment, following this outline and using the headings: 
    • Introduction – Where did you go to observe? When and for how long? What is the pattern you wish to discuss?
    • Discussion – Describe and discuss what you saw and how the class materials can help you make sense of it. You can include your photos in this section to help make your point.
    • Conclusions – What is the impact and outcome of these patterns and how they related to how gender works in our society? Do these patterns maintain or challenge our gender norms?
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