SOCY 100 WTCC Week 5 Stratification and Social Inequality Discussion

Part 1. What is stratification and how might discrimination contribute to it? As part of your response, please explain what the terms stratification and discrimination mean in your own words.

Part 2. Identify one specific form of discrimination experienced by one of the social groups addressed in this week’s resources. What, in your opinion, could be done to help eliminate this form of discrimination?

References and Citations

Here is the reference you should cite in your main post:

University of Maryland Global Campus. (n.d.). Week 5. Stratification and Social Inequality. Document posted in UMGC SOCY 100 online classroom, archived at 

Make sure to include the complete reference information at the end of your post. If you refer to any additional sources, please be sure to include them in your reference list as well. 

When referring to the different topics of the material in the learning resources within your posts, use the following citation format: (UMGC, n.d., name of topic). 

For example: (UMGC, n.d., What is Social Stratification?) or (UMGC, n.d., Inequality and Aging).  

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