How Does Western Society Tend to Treat the Elderly Discussion

Write a strong scholarly response (1-2 paragrahs each) to the following questions. Each question should be in APA format with at least one in text citation and a reference. Please use the questions as headers

5083-Jody: Can you see a compassionate counselor using solution-focused therapy?

5083-Helen: What type of client would you be hesitant to use a solution-focused approach? Who might not be the best candidates for solution-focused therapy?

5083-Karla: What are some positive outcomes from using Solutions – Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and Solutions –Oriented Therapy?

5073: How does retirement affect the health of people who have worked all their lives?

5073: What are some reasons people would choose to not retire?

5073: How does Western society tend to treat the elderly?

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