Issues Faced By Organization In Evaluating OD Interventions Discussion

I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

Discuss some of the issues faced by organizations in Evaluating OD Interventions. 

Required Readings:

TEXTBOOK: Cummings, T., & Worley, C. (2015). Organization development and change. (10th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. ISBN#: 13 9781133190455 (print), ISBN#: 13 9781285800967 (e-text).

Church, A. H. (2017). The art and science of evaluating organization development interventions. Od Practitioner, 49(2), 26-35.?

The Art and Science of Evaluating OD Interventions

Head, T. C., & Sorensen Jr., P. F. (2005). The Evaluation of Organization Development Interventions: An Empirical Study. Organization Development Journal, 23(1), 40–55.

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