Lesson Planning and Analytic Education & Psychology Paper

Lesson Planning

Students will write a lesson plan (attached file) (or improve a previous lesson plan they wrote) within their specific subject matter/discipline and grade level that not only makes instruction comprehensible using the SIOP model, but also provides expansive learning opportunities that build upon the strengths of their (potential or future) students. You should assume that you are teaching a general education class that has 5-6 former ELL students. The most common scenario that you will face is having ELLs who have tested out of the ELD class. Even though they have passed the AZELLA exam and have been deemed Proficient, they may still backslide and will still need supports in the general education classroom. Lesson plans should follow a SIOP lesson plan template and include all 8 SIOP components. Also, using information gained in course readings, assignments, and interactions, students will integrate empirical and practice-based strategies known to improve cultural responsiveness and provide opportunities for ELLs to learn and practice (content) language.

8 SIOP components:https://www.tupeloschools.com/uploaded/Departments/SIOP_8_Components_for_Teachers.pdf

Lesson Preparation.


Building Background.

Practice and Application.

Comprehensible Input.

Lesson Delivery.

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