Los Angeles Pierce College Classical Writings Paper


one quote from one of the attached reading (you pick)

After you have done at least one of the required readings, pick one of them and identify the quote that you believe best summarizes the main argument, or one of the main arguments, of the piece. Type the quote at the top of your forum and explain why you think this quote best summarizes the argument. This means you will write—in your own words— a paragraph or two on how you understand the piece and how the quote reflects that understanding. As always, the journal should be 500-1000 words and contain appropriate citations.

Note from professor:

You are encouraged to have your own interpretations of these classical writings. But you should be very clear and explicit in explaining these connections using quotes or personal examples.


  • Jobs that have good amenities.. does it still apply
  • Doesn’t need to be perfectly polished just need to wrestle these ideas
  • Use reference from Marx alienated labor
  • ASA formate and citation at the end as well as parenthetical in text
  • Don’t use outside sources
  • Opinion — Use the opinion that Marx’s amenities do work in todays world and write why/how –
  • use examples (don’t use factors – professor wants to see more modern non factory work places (don’t use a restaurant but its a good idea cuz there are so any types of jobs but many don’t mesh or even speak to each other – each job is separated) – apply to other forms of work

– Professor checks for all plagiarism as well as ChatGPT

TIt should be somewhere between 500-1000 words and cite the relevant literature.

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