LU Sociology the Effects of Social Stratification on People Essay

For your final essay in which you will apply sociological concepts to your anticipated career.

Select FOUR SOCIOLOGICAL concepts/topics from at least TWO different chapters for your essay. In discussing information from your text, you MUST reference the location of the text. While our text does not have page numbers, you would instead note the section (for example, if I were to discuss Symbolic Interactionism then I would note the content from section 1.3 in the textbook). Define AND explain your FOUR selected concepts, if using direct quotes from text–be sure that quotation marks are used (points deduction for proper citation and referencing will result)–and discuss how these four concepts will be important to your chosen career, as well as future life. 

Explain career/life goals.

Select FOUR concepts (from at least two chapters), you must bold them in your essay and provide section number (see above). Define and explain in your own words, copy/paste from text will count towards grade.

Apply/explain those as they relate to career/life goals.

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