Management Current Market Capitalization Paper

Using the readings and resources provided this week, along with your own research, provide the following information for your any corporation you pick…

What financial market, NYSE or NASDAQ, is your assigned corporation listed on? Why does it matter?

Current Market Capitalization:

Using the provided Excel template, show the calculation: Market Cap = Shares Outstanding times Stock Price

Define Mid-Cap and Large-Cap. Which designation is your corporation?

Current Dividend Yield:

Using the provided excel template, show the calculation: Dividend Yield = Annual Dividend divided by Stock Price

Provide an example of the current savings rate at a bank. Does your corporation pay a higher rate for their dividend yield? Knowing that stocks are riskier than savings accounts, defend or support the current dividend yield. Provide at least ½ page.

CEO Pay Trend

Provide a five-year trend of the CEO pay for your corporation. In your opinion, in your own words, provide at least one full page that defends or criticizes the trend in CEO pay.

Debt to Equity Ratio:

What is the debt (bonds) to equity (stocks) ratio of your assigned corporation for the past 5 years (no calculation needed just cite a reliable source)?

Using the five-year trend above, what is your assigned corporation’s current condition of the ’right-hand’ side of the balance sheet in terms of total debt to total equity of the firm? In other words, provide and analyze the debt to equity ratio. Provide at least ½ page.

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