MDC Three Point Of Views That I Disagree With Discussion

Read the article, ‘A Free Market Manifesto That Changed the World, Reconsidered’. This article was published on the 50th anniversary of the publication of Milton Friedman’s doctrine. This article provides a critical view of the doctrine from 22 business leaders and Nobel prize-winning economists. Read the article carefully.

You may need to read this article several times to understand the depth of the point of views presented, or theories discussed. Select at least three point of views that you agree or disagree with. State why you agree or disagree with these points of views.

Participate in the discussion in the following way:

In your post, state why you agree or disagree with the three (or more) point of views you selected. . Your answer must be a minimum of 400 words.

Read and respond to the post from at least three (3) classmates by providing a meaningful reply. A meaningful reply can include: 

specific feedback about your classmates posting (e.g. point out something good, or suggest a way to make it better where appropriate),

  1. a probing or clarifying question to continue the discussion or
  2. a description of an alternative way to address the issue. 
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