Milestone 3

  • Select one of the major social issues in your film which will be Boy’z n the Hood and address the following:
  • Identify the social phenomena influencing the social issue you selected, substantiating your identification(s) with course readings and an additional article.
  • Apply an appropriate key theoretical perspective(Structural Functionalisim) to explain the relationship between the social phenomena and the social issue, detailing the appropriateness of the perspective chosen.
  • From the theories we have covered thus far in the course, identify one key classical sociological theory(Structural Functionalisim) and one key contemporary sociological theory that help explain the relationship between the social phenomena and the social issue depicted in the film. Why are these theories appropriate in examining the relationship? What insight do they give into the relationship between the social issue and society?

Then locate two sociological articles of opposing perspectives related to the previously selected social issue and address the following:

  • Describe your selected two articles and outline the differing opinions of the researchers.
  • Identify the sociological theories that are supporting the researchers’ differing opinions, and explain how these theories support the opinions.
  • What inferences can you make about how the social issue is represented in the film using the identified social patterns, differing opinions, and supporting theories of the articles? 

Keep in mind that your audience members are nonspecialists who may not be familiar with sociology. Adapt your analysis to this audience, explaining unfamiliar sociological terms so that nonspecialists can understand them.

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