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I need to complete a reflection on this course in which I have liaised with my group members at an event organised locally in Leeds and learnt skills and knowledge through interaction with them. Please write mainly about my reflection on this collaborative organisation called Open Source Arts (OSA), a description of this organisation and their philosophy can be found in the attachment below. The purpose of attending this course was to prove the validity of their theories and methods, which cannot be quantified and verified with data, so I can only present the results by observing participation in their activities and reading the relevant literature.

What we did for them was to give the OSA some organisational advice and insights from the perspective of cultural differences between China and abroad, and to explain and justify the OSA’s theories on ‘communication’ and ‘listening’ in relation to the theories in the literature provided in the annex (LEADING FROM THE EMERGING FUTURE).

We participated in some of OSA’s activities, including making eco-friendly lanterns and attending a circus. The lantern making activity over was made by a facilitator and other participants individually, using glue made from potatoes and eco-friendly paper, during which the facilitator would guide the communication and interaction, which is very much in line with OSA’s ideas about environmental protection and listening. We could feel the fair, free and welcoming atmosphere that this organisation offers to the participants.

We learnt the importance of teamwork and how to better establish effective communication, because at the We learnt the importance of teamwork and how to better establish effective communication, because at the beginning our communication with OSA was not good, although it was an activity that did not present a performance result, we learnt and progressed more I also made some suggestions for OSA, such as the need to further strengthen the promotion of the organisation. I have also produced a short film to document and introduce OSA, which I hope to publish on TIKTOK to attract more participants.

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