Navigating Aging Careers Essay

  1. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), there are many career opportunities for students in the field of Aging, mostly because people 65 years old and older are the fastest-growing segment of the US population. Although there are many career opportunities in Aging, there need to be more professionals to keep pace with the increasing demand. A career path in Aging can be pursued from various fields such as psychology, healthcare, gerontology, human development, cognitive science, law, business, and engineering. There are various career options for an individual’s career, from education, policy, research, and practice. Remember that these career types are not mutually exclusive. For example, some individuals serve as researchers, while others provide clinical services. Overall there are many career options and just working with older adults, by its nature, is interdisciplinary. Hence, the possibilities are endless and worth exploring if you search for your career pathway.
    Which is the goal of this assignment. Use the resources from your textbooks and course to address the following questions below.
    Assignment Instructions

    • Use the following Website to help you address the questions below:
    • In one to two paragraphs (200 words ), address the questions below.
    • Include APA References and Citations in your essay for any sources you use.

  2. Question 1

    Explore the options for careers in aging. Consider how you might integrate an understanding of aging into your career path.

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