NSU My Health Profile Paper

The purpose of this paper is for you to integrate chapter readings, course lectures and materials, and your own impressions and experiences into a brief paper that allows you to explore your own health behaviors. In order to complete this assignment, you must first write your own Real-World Profile. You will find samples of these at the beginning of each of our text’s chapters. The idea behind this exercise is that you write a personalized, concise summary of one or a few aspects of your ‘health identity’. As you complete this profile, think about the factors that have influenced your health, health behaviors, health choices, adherence/non-adherence to treatments, etc. After writing your profile, find at least 1 scholarly article that may assist you in gaining insight into the health behavior patterns or experiences that you have chosen to describe. Using this article and the assigned readings (mainly chapters 1-4), highlight how the research you selected helps you understand your previous behaviors or can aid you in making desired changes. 

Book: Health Psychology: An Introduction to Behavior and Health 10th ed.

I also attached a sample paper!

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