older adulthood discussion

As you address this week’s discussion regarding 84-year old Jack, think about the messages offered by the women in these videos and the information you learned in the lecture/weekly materials to help supplement your response to Jack and his family regarding best options.  You have been approached by a family who is concerned about Jack, an 84-year-old relative who currently resides in his own home. Jack’s wife died a year ago, and the family is worried that independent living may not be the best option for him. Generate a list of issues that should be addressed before deciding where Jack needs to reside. 

For example, what health issues should be considered? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being moved out of his home? Under what circumstances would Jack likely benefit from congregate housing or a life-care community? When would a nursing home placement be most beneficial? What are some drawbacks of living in a nursing home?What theory (or theories) is guiding your recommendations?

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