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In a well-thought-out essay of at least three pages, analyze and discuss how your chosen media (see options above) reflects and shapes ideas about gender, sexuality, and beauty. Consider the portrayal of gender roles and/or gender stereotypes, the representation of limited or diverse sexual orientations, and the construction of beauty standards in your chosen media. Additionally, reflect on the potential consequences of media’s influence on our perception of these topics, both positive and negative. Finally, provide insights into how this media has impacted you and how individuals can thoughtfully engage with media to develop a more nuanced understanding of the role it plays in our conceptions of gender roles, sexuality, and beauty.

  • Source Use and Citations

Aside from the media you bring in to analyze for this paper, you may only use sources from our class. No outside sources!  All sources should be cited in in-text citation form (author, pg.).

If you have a source that you’ve found that you’d like to use for the paper that isn’t in our textbook or class, feel free to run it by me for approval by 6/29. 

You must have a minimum of five citations in your paper; at least two need to come from GV Chapter 6, and the other three should be from your other textbook chapters or source readings. You are welcome to have more than five citations. 

  • Page Requirement/Formatting/Citations


  • Your paper should have an opening paragraph, three to five body paragraphs, and a full paragraph conclusion – so a traditional essay (not our shortened version in the journal papers!).

Sample Outline 

  • Intro – Explain the media your choose and make an argument about what it tells its audience about gender roles, sexuality, and beauty. Please make sure you directly name/list the media you will cover in your essay so I am very clear about what you are talking about.
  • Paragraph 1: Gender Roles 

Paragraph 2: Sexuality

Paragraph 3: Beauty

Paragraph 4: Positive/Negative Impact (or you could thread this through paragraphs 1-3)

Paragraph 5: Personal Engagement with this Media/Engaging

  • Paragraph 6: Media Actively and Responsibly 

Conclusion Paragraph

Optional Enrichment

Gender and Media RepresentationLinks to an external site.

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