PCO 475 VU Psychology Current Issues in Family Counseling Essay

Family/Couple Counseling Plan


Brief presentation of selected case, theory and work in general

Case Presentation

Submit selected cases. First mention which system you chose (couple or family). Present each member of the system, their attitudes and their relationship in the system. Mention their culture. Present the problem that brings them to therapy. It is important that they identify here the challenges and conflicts of the system.

Theoretical Framework

Present selected theory, important points of the theory and why I select it for the case vs other theories

Advisory Approach

Talk about the counseling approach meaning how you will use the theory to work the problem of the selected system. Include techniques to be used, ethical considerations and cultural sensitivity. 

Abbreviated Treatment Plan

Include here how long you understand the sessions will take, the challenges you could encounter in the chosen system and how you would work them. 


Summary of the advice plan made that explains the main points of the work.

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