PSY 305 PU Weird Unexplainable Coincidences Writing Exercise

Have you ever dreamt of someone that you hadn’t seen for a long time and they call you out of the blue?  Have you ever had an uncanny “coincidence” that you cannot explain?  Maybe you hurt yourself and your mother jumped out of bed feeling like something had happened to you?  Carl Jung developed a controversial idea of a part of the mind called the “collective unconscious” where he believed that we are all connected to each-others thoughts and experiences.  He stated that because of this, people sometimes experience something he called moments of “synchronicity” or strange coincidence.  These often happen in dreams but not always.

Please describe in detail a strange “coincidence” that you cannot explain and that might best be explained by Jung’s ideas.  Note: your book doesn’t talk too much about synchronicity, so refer to the Token Rock website.

In response to your peers, please share your experience if you’ve had a similar dream.  If you’ve never experienced something like this, please share something that you’ve heard from someone else. 

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