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This weeks discussion l I will be going over Depersonalization-derealization disorder. This disorder is described as feeling of detachment of one’s self. The thoughts that a person could have feel like they’re someone else’s. Depersonalization disorder usually happens after a traumatic experience, the brain tries to shut out of itself to not face what has happened.  People will usually feel a sense of depersonalization throughout their lives, but less than two percent will have a long lasting depersonalization disorder.

Symptoms that a person with Depersonalization disorder can range from detachment from themselves, time slowing down or speeding up, no control over your own body. The symptom that I find most difficult is the detachment of one’s self. Having the feeling of not being yourself and “going through the motions”. It is almost robotic and you can lose yourself in the process if symptoms do not go away. You feel like this empty hull of a body that moves throughout the day, losing the time you are given. 

Treatment for Depersonalization disorder is psychotherapy and speaking with a therapist. A therapist could prescribe different kinds of therapies for a person depending on what helps them. There are meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy and Dialectic behavior therapy.Other things that a person can do is receive tests to see if there are underlying medical problems. No over the counter medicine can help a person with Depersonalization disorder. They could be given antidepressants but that isn’t certain to help someone. 


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