Reading Response

Reading :

1. Assimilation Theory: Straight-line and Segmented Alba, 

Richard and Victor Nee. 2005. “Chapter. 2: Assimilation Theory, Old and New.” In Remaking the American Mainstream: Assimilation and Contemporary Immigration

• Portes, Alejandro and Min Zhou. 1993. “The New Second Generation: Segmented Assimilation and its Variants,” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

All the material assigned for that week,you must cite each reading at least once in your response. You do not need to include the full title of the reading, book, chapter, or author For clarity, reference the authors of the readings using citations that reference their last name and year of publication only. Such as “According to Massey (1999)…” Reading responses are proofread and free of grammatical errors,they are nota summary and are not an areflectionor opinion pieces. Points will be docked for responses that rely on personal stories or opinion.

Your reading response can do all of the following:
1. Address a theme or key word(s) that you find ties together the readings for that week.
2. Use a direct quote or passage from each reading to illustrate a topic or argument that
weaves together the readings for that week.
3. Responds to a discussion question posed by the discussion leaders in class using the
readings to support your answer. This does not include any questions related to personal
opinion or experience. Include the question you are responding to in your assignment.

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