JPS Inclusive Communities LGBTQ Individuals Essay

.material needed: Unit 2 Lecture Videos

Introduction to Unit 1:

Unit 2 Continued:

Unit 2 Continued: Guide to the Readings:…
Attached reading 1 and reading 2 below 

Start by first reading the lecture notes and readings, then the movies and clips, following the lecture notes as your guide of what items to explore in what order.

Your journal response should answer the question and reference ALL of the items in the module—including the lecture notes, the specifics from the readings, any activities, or movies. Use quotations (using quote marks around them), terms, ideas, and theorists from the readings to show me you did it! The more you integrate the class items, the higher your grade on this weekly assignment will be. If I see things left out, I need to take points off. I don’t do that to be mean I promise! It’s because teaching an online class, the only way I can know for sure if you guys did all the work is via you mentioning it in the journals. So make it clear to me “Prof, I did it!” by including mention of all parts.

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