Rutgers University Sociological Perspective 12 Years A Slave Essay

Whether they are “realistic” or not, films depict social experiences and are a platform through which ideas about, and understandings of the social world are conveyed. 

For this assignment, you need to pick a movie of fiction – and write a 3-5 pages review that focuses on what makes it sociological

Structure your review around the following items:

Part 1: Justify your choice (1-5 sentences)

What made you pick this movie?

What made you interested in this topic in the first place?

How does it relate to the topics covered in class and in the readings?

Part 2: Briefly summarize the film. Do not dwell too much on this part: focus on giving enough context that someone who has not seen the film has a general idea/understanding of what it is about. (1 paragraph)

  • Part 3: Provide a sociological analysis. This should be the bulk of your review (at least 2 pages)
  • What are the characters’ social (socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, gender, education, occupation etc) backgrounds?
  • How does their background(s) affect(s) their lives (their daily lives, their relationships, their opportunities)

Are there any tensions related to their social backgrounds?

How do people from different social backgrounds relate?

Pick 2 to 3 concepts that you think are illustrated in the film and explain how it is the case. You are encouraged to use specific scenes of the movie to do so (do not dwell on including all the details – instead, use your best judgement to focus on those that are relevant to your demonstration).

Part 4: Conclude with the following elements (1 paragraph)

What do you think the message(s) of the film is/are?

Do you find it convincing?   

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