SMC White Nationalist and Right Wing Populist Beliefs and Rhetoric Essay

This is the prompt: What are some of the primary tropes (stereotypes), assumptions, and notions that characterize white nationalist and right-wing populist beliefs and rhetoric? The essay must incorporate and cite to the four required reserve readings:

1) The Psychology of White Nationalism: Ambivalence Towards a Changing America by Christine Reyna, Andrea Bellovary, and Kara Harris

2) The Victim Ideology of White Supremacists and White Separatists in the United States by Mitch Berbrierr

3) Alt-White: Conceptualizing the “Alt-Right” as a Rhetorical Bridge between White Nationalism and Mainstream Public Discourse by Stephanie L. Hartzell

4) Right-Wing Populism and the Politics of Insecurity: How President Trump Frames Migrants as Collective Threats by Daniel Béland

5) The film “White Right: Meeting the Enemy” directed by Deeyah Khan must be utilized as well. 


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