WU Sociology Patient Health Questionnaire in Adults Questions

Access the Online Assessment Measures link in the Learning Resources.  Psychiatry.org – Online Assessment Measures

On that site, explore at least three different assessment tools for under the various categories. A few that you may consider are: Severity Measure for Depression, Adult; Level 2, Substance Use, Adult; and Level 2, Anxiety, Adult.

  • Select one assessment tool that you can see yourself using in practice with adult clients. Do not use a tool that you have chosen previously.

Consider why you have chosen this assessment tool and its strengths and limitations.


  • Submit a 1-page paper analyzing the adult assessment tool you have chosen: id like the adult substance abuse
  • Why did you select the assessment tool?

Why might it be especially helpful for use with adults?

What challenges or limitations might there be for this assessment tool?

  • Use the Learning Resources to support your Assignment. Make sure to provide APA citations and a reference list

also site the following references

Brandell, J. R. (Ed.). (2020). Theory & practice in clinical social work (3rd ed.). Cognella.

Chapter 8, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy With Adults” (pp. 147–174)

Chapter 9, “Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy With Adults” (pp. 175–220)Chapter 26, “Clinical Social Work With Suicidal Youth and Adults” (pp. 610–635)

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