SOC 205 UAGC Modernity and Self Identity Discussion

First, read the introductory essay located in Section Five of the course text, Social Theory Re-Wired. Then, read the contemporary theoretical work by Anthony Giddens, “Modernity and Self Identity” in Section Five of the course text, Social Theory Re-Wired. The introductory essay highlights the many ways in which we identify our ‘selves’. We can have our ‘self’ reflected back at us by our society, and at the same time, as Giddens points out, can have a challenge in maintaining a cohesive self because of that ‘society’. Be sure to review the recommended resources listed above for additional materials related to this discussion. Answer the following:

  • According to Giddens, living in the age of modernity presents several dilemmas related to sense of self. How would you describe the dilemma of unification vs. fragmentation?
  • In the dilemma of powerlessness vs. appropriation what is the main distinction between authority in modern versus pre-modern times? How does Giddens perspective on powerlessness in modern society differ from most others who write on this topic?
  • Looking at these aspects from a broader, societal view, how, according to Giddens, does fragmentation of modernity along large scale systems impact personal experiences and interactions?
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