SOCW 6456 WU Sociology Bowenian and Structural Theories Discussion

Theory-based treatment planning, the type you will use throughout this course, is informed and guided by your theoretical orientation. Incorporating your theoretical orientation into treatment planning will help you set goals and choose treatment techniques and interventions appropriate for the client(s) you serve (Gehart & Tuttle, 2003). This week, you apply two counseling theories, Bowenian and structural, to formulate your treatment planning and apply appropriate interventions.

In this Assignment, you watch videos of counselors demonstrating the use of Bowenian and structural theories in family counseling. You then formulate treatment plans for the couples and/or families in the videos, applying the theories in question and justifying the use of appropriate interventions.

The Assignment

Based on the theory demonstrated in both videos:

Define the problem in each video.

Create a theory-based treatment plan, including short- and long-term goals for the couples and/or families.

Explain two theory-based interventions you would use and justify your selection.

Explain one anticipated outcome of each theory-based intervention.


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oChapter 9, “Bowen Family Systems Couple Coaching”

oChapter 13, “Structural Couple Therapy”

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