UC Socio Cultural World of Sport Reflection

This assignment is a self-reflection assignment in which you document the process of attending a sporting event.  You will explain why you pick that event, and the social interactions of that specific sporting space (that includes both you and everyone else in that space). This exercise involves using your sociological imagination to understand the socio-cultural world of sport by observing, participating, taking detailed notes, and connecting the activity, labor, and performance of sports to larger social systems outside your individual self. You can discuss your history of participation in playing sports, the politics of sports, how the sporting arena becomes a space for you, others in the stands, and the athletes performing become reflections in society. What are the racial, gender, and class make up of the athletes, coaches, and supporters? What rituals or performances were displayed at the event? You must use sociological theories and perspectives to analyze your ethnographic data. You may use theories from the course but may also bring in theories from other social sciences courses. You will submit a 5-8 page (1200-2000 word count) double-spaced paper analyzing your experiences.  Analysis of race/class/gender will be the most straightforward but also one that directly connects your positionality in society to your leisure practices. 

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