SOC 358 UCSD Immigration Sociology Reading Response

Reading Materials:

1. Settling Down: From Sojourner to Settler • Jimenez, Tomas R. 2017. “Chapter. 1: The (Not-So-Strange) Strangers in
Their Midst.” In The Other Side of Assimilation: How Immigrants are Changing American Life.

2.  Waters, Mary C. and Philip Kasinitz. 2013. “Immigrants in New York City: Reaping the Benefits of Continuous Immigration.” Daedalus


Film responses are proofread and free of grammatical errors, they are not a summary of the film and should reference the authors of the readings using citations such as “According to Massey (1999)” as much as possible as opposed to relying on personal stories or opinion. You are required to engage all the readings assigned for that week with the film, meaning you must cite each reading at least twice in your response and connect them with the film.

Your film response can do All the following:
1. Address a theme or KEY word(s) that ties the week’s readings to the film.
2. Use a direct quote or passage from a reading(s) to illustrate a scene or story line in the film
that weaves together the readings for that week.

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