UCSD Psychology the Differentiation of Self Principle Questions

Theoretical Applications I 

Case Study One: Robert and Becky, Chapter 4

Reflect and Reply
1.  What principles of Bowen theory might apply to this couple, and how? What function did Robert’s drinking serve?

2.  How might you describe Robert’s and Becky’s respective levels of differentiation?

3.  How might the use of the genogram be useful for this couple?

Case Study Two: Harpreet and Mohammed, Chapter 5

Reflect and Reply
1.  If you were a strategic therapist, what type of paradoxical intervention(s) might you try? 

2.  Which one of the three types of problem-maintaining solution loops is Mohammed stuck in? Consider cybernetics, positive and negative feedback loops. Consequently, what should be the treatment goal?

3.  How might a Milan therapist approach this case?

Case Study Three: Arlene and Tom, Chapter 6

Reflect and Reply
1.  As a structural therapist, who would you invite to the initial family therapy session and why?

2.  Is Arlene’s family more enmeshed or disengaged? How can you tell? What are the consequences of this enmeshment or disengagement?

3.  How might an experiential therapist work with Arlene and Tom?

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