UCSD Unwavering Commitment to Innovation and Collaboration Questions

Q 1:

Your leadership purpose is who you are and what sets you apart. Articulating your purpose and possessing the tenacity to demonstrate and live this purpose are significant foundations of leadership. This is fundamental for performing exceptionally, accelerating your growth, and expanding your influence.

Reflect on your purpose and identify your strengths, values, and passions. Use these insights to construct a clear statement of purpose that captures your leadership identity. What is your individual purpose as a leader? What drives you? 

Q 2:

A clearly defined personal purpose is fundamental to leadership, but a leader is not only required to embody their personal purpose – they also need to be a steward of their organisation’s purpose. Alignment between a leader’s personal purpose and their organisation’s purpose establishes a greater commitment and motivation towards realising this overarching purpose. Reflect on your organisation’s purpose. Use an illustrative example to describe how well your purpose aligns with the purpose of your organisation. 

Q 3:

Leaders who have clarity about their personal purpose and how it aligns with their organisation’s purpose are able to contribute and adapt in ways that are meaningful to both the organisation and themselves. However, finding the intersection between your personal purpose and your organisation’s purpose will likely come with some challenges. What are the key challenges you face, or have faced, in reconciling your personal purpose with your organisation’s purpose?

Q 4:

Reflect on the challenges you face, or have faced, in reconciling your personal purpose and your organisation’s purpose. How do you propose to resolve these challenges? Or, if your purpose is already aligned with the organisation’s purpose, how did you go about resolving any challenges in reconciling both purposes? 

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