University of South Florida Project Management Triangle Paper

For your week two writing assignment, you reflected on a project in which you were involved. You were asked to write a three-page paper (APA) in which you detailed the following:

  1. What was the purpose of the project
  2. What was your role in the project, PM, leader, sponsor, team member, SME, end-user, etc.
  3. How would you describe the project’s outcome? Was it successful, a partial success, a partial failure, or a disaster. If possible, introduce elements from the so-called Project Management Triangle to substantiate your claim, i.e., cost, scope, and time. For example, perhaps the project was delivered on time but over budget…

Using the same project, and applying tools and concepts we have explored through this course, identify at least three possible concepts or tools that could have helped the project.

Please dedicate one paragraph to summarizing the scenario and then use the rest of the paper to offer improve suggestions. Cite the text as well as scholarly articles to support the concept, tool, or principle.

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