Watch the following films and answer the questions below. LGBT FAMILIES

* [LGBT Homelessness]

[1.] What extent of the homeless population is comprised of the LGBT community?

[2.] What are some of the reasons many in the LGBT community find themselves homeless? [What were the causes?]   

[3.] What is the point of developing a program like “The Crib” for LGBT homeless youth?      

[4.] What are the experimental programs from the film called? What are they designed to do for homeless LGBT youth?

[5.] Why is it important to reconnect LGBT runaway youth with their family according to the film? Does reconnecting family always work? Why or Why Not?

[6.] Seeing this film, how important is a family connection for youth? What do the youth in the film want people to know or understand about the importance of family?

Link for “In My Shoes”.

* [LGBT Families]

[7.] In the film “In My Shoes”, what is it that LGBT youth want people to know about their families and everyday lives? Were you surprised by how much some kids struggled (being teased, bullied, or made fun of) and their reactions?    

[8.] What do the children in the film worry about in terms of their families being recognized or accepted? Is this a concern for other families in the U.S.?

[9.] How diverse are the families in the film? What does this diversity say about families in America in terms of change?

[10.] If families are becoming more diverse, what does this mean in terms of families changing in the future?  

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