Clayton State University Employee Engagement and Organizations Performance Essay

This assignment has three distinct parts. Carefully follow the instructions for all parts and submit each as separate documents in Blackboard for grading. 

Part I: Appealing to Readers – First Draft

For part one, you will write the first draft of an introduction to a topic in your discipline/domain (MY DISCIPLINE IS BUSINESS MANAGEMENT- EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMNET) sing one of the approaches described by Greene and Lidinsky (2021, pp. 364–373).  (500 word minimum)

Part II: Second Draft – Revisions and Annotations

Copy and paste your Part I submission into a new document, and review and revise the introduction, indicating in annotations why the revisions are being made. Note the differences between revising and editing from the textbook (editing will be done in the next part). Submit this Part II revised document as a second draft. 

Part III: Editing and Final Draft

Run your second draft from Part II through the free version of the software tool Grammarly. After you upload your document, you can see the details of your overall score and download a PDF report of the initial score. 

Edit your document based on the recommendations provided. You must include the PDF report from Grammarly as Appendix A of your submitted final draft. 

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