LDR 735 UOPX Limitations of the GLOBE Project Discussion

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The GLOBE project is one of the most well-known studies on culture, values, and organizational leadership. It identified differences and similarities in effective leadership across the globe. This research and research like it can be biased. 

  • Describe the      limitations of the GLOBE project. Explain the significance of these      limitations to you as a leader.

Yukl, G. A., & Gardner, W. L., III. (2019). Leadership in organizations (9th ed.). Pearson Education. (This is the reference for the section below)

The GLOBE projects have enabled leaders to recognize the importance of cultural considerations for effective leadership. Through the GLOBE research, managers have learned how different cultures view leadership and the diverse leadership styles that apply to different cultures. 

The GLOBE project is a cross-cultural study of leadership in 60 different countries representing all major world regions. The acronym GLOBE means “Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness.” The project has involved more than 150 researchers in different countries working together in a coordinated, long-term effort.

The GLOBE project also examined how leadership and cultural values are affected by other situational variables, including type of industry, economic development, type of government, dominant religions, and type of climate conditions for a country. Multiple data collection methods were used, including survey questionnaires, interviews, media analysis, archival records, and unobtrusive measures. The strategy for sampling and analysis was designed to control for the influence of industry, management level, and organizational culture. The research included an in-depth, qualitative description of each culture and analyses of quantitative variables.

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Strengths & weaknesses (weebly.com)

GLOBE Project – Explained – The Business Professor, LLC

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