UN Psychology Impact of Neurotransmitters Presentation

Create a presentation in which you identify and distinguish the selected  neurotransmitters, including each of the neurotransmitter’s roles in  mood and behavior. Address the following information in the presentation  for each selected neurotransmitter: 

Discuss the most current research on the neurotransmitter. 

Describe the neurotransmitter’s role in mood and behavior. 

Explain if the neurotransmitter is inhibitory or excitatory, and why. 

Describe  the characteristics of a specific disorder, disease, or condition where  the neurotransmitter plays a role, and discuss the role of the  neurotransmitter in the condition. 

Identify a pharmacological  agent prescribed to act on the neurotransmitter for the specified  disorder, disease, or condition. Explain how the agent impacts the  neurotransmitter to improve the condition. 

Describe the  possible side effects associated with the identified pharmacological  agent, along with any risks associated with not taking the agent for the  disorder, disease, or condition.

Include speaker notes. Cite. Reference. APA format.

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